Lanna Kingdom and Lanna Buddha Statues

Lanna Buddha Statues

The Biggest Buddha in Chiang Mai

The kingdom of Lanna was an ancient kingdom which was believed to be a rival kingdom of Ayutthaya. The kingdom of Lanna is presently situated in the northern Thailand during 13th to 18th centuries. One of the most used languages during the kingdom of Lanna is Lanna language. They had their own language and their own culture. The people of Lanna Kingdom support and follow Buddhism as well as animism.

The Lanna Kingdom had deep route in Buddhist images engraved in Northern Thailand’s cultural history. The Lanna style of Buddha culture emerges in Northern Thailand with Sukhothai Kingdom to the south. One of the most visited Buddhist pilgrimage site in Thailand is Chiang Mai and it is stated in history that Chiang Mai used to be the capital of the kingdom of Lanna. No wonder Lanna Kingdom had very good Buddhist culture. The kingdom of Lanna had close relations with Lanxiang (also known as Laos). Large numbers of schools are found to be constructed which specialize in Buddha images and Buddha cultures.

Buddha Statues in Kingdom of Lanna

As we know that there is a deep influence of Buddha culture in the present that were built during this era. The statues built during this era are mainly made of Bronze with exception in Payao and Haripunchai Schools. The ancient and old statues are constructed with quite a thick influenced of this ancient kingdom. But in the 16th century, the course of constructing these thick statues were reversed to some extent. The statues built in the 16th century shows some outstanding statues, which were made of thin alloy and some were even cast with precious materials too such as gold and NaK (gold and copper alloy). There is quite a different soil used for casting these Buddha statues since it has a rice peel mixed with it giving it black color.

Chiang Mai


During the rule of Lanna Kingdom, a large number of schools were built and most of the Buddha images were quite similar in many schools with an exception such as Chiang Mai School. There were a number of schools which are as follows:

  • Haripunchai School
  • Phrae and Lampand School
  • Fang and Chaiprakan School
  • Nan School
  • Payao School
  • Chiang Mai

And most of all Chiang Mai School is one of the most famous schools during the era.

Chiang Mai used to be the capital of Lanna Kingdom. Chiang Mai is largest and most culturally significant and influential city in Northern Kingdom. Chiang Mai has more than 300 Buddhist temples. Chiang Mai has been enlisted as top 2 tourist destinations in 2014’s “25 Best Destinations in the world”.

Some of the most significant Buddhist images in Chiang Mai are Wat Phantao, Wat Phrathat Doi, Wat Chiangman, Wat Chedi Luang.

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