Museum quality Buddha statues - Our gallery's best original and antique Buddhas

Museum pieces

On our many travels to Burma and other Asian countries we have carefully selected a large number of top-quality Buddha statues. They are shown below. These museum-quality Buddha statues are some of the very best and special and are very difficult to find these days.


165 statues


Special antique wooden Bagan Buddha statue

Large antique Burmese Throne

7,500 euro

15-16th bronze Thai Lanna Buddha statue

14-15th century Thai Buddha

4,250 euro

Special antique Burmese Buddha statue

9,500 euro

Very special 16th century Burmese Buddha

9,500 euro

Antique Burmese offering vessel

4,500 euro

Very special golden Pyu Buddha - hammered from solid gold

Antique bronze Shan Buddha

Antique Shan Buddha

2,600 euro

Very special large marble Burmese Buddha statue

42,500 euro

Antique bronze Shan Buddha

Antique Burmese Shan Buddha

5,750 euro

Very special antique marble Buddha statue

17,500 euro

Very special bronze Burmese Buddha statue

Antique bronze Burmese Inwa Buddha

4,750 euro

Special antique bronze Shan Buddha

6,500 euro

18th century Alabaster Buddha

3,750 euro

Antique Shan Buddha with Naga

2,450 euro

Antique sandstone Buddha

1,500 euro

Very special antique Burmese Shan Buddha

7,500 euro

Antique wooden Burmese Shan Buddha

2,750 euro

Special large bronze Maitreya Buddha statue

8,000 euro

Special antique bronze Burmese Monk statue

2,500 euro

Special antique Burmese Buddha statue

7,500 euro

Large and special Burmese Buddha statue

11,500 euro

18th century Burmese Buddha statue

1,950 euro

Special antique marble Buddha statue

5,750 euro

Antique Mandalay Buddha

1,475 euro

Antique Ava Buddha statue

1,950 euro

Antique Mandalay Buddha

3,950 euro

Very special large bronze Shan Buddha

45,000 euro

Superb. 14-15th century Toungoo Buddha

Original bronze Bagan Buddha

45,000 euro

Antique sitting Buddha

3,500 euro

Special 16th century bronze Chiang Sean Buddha

15,750 euro

Very special large Burmese Shan Buddha statue

42,500 euro

Very nice and large wooden Mandalay Buddha

8,250 euro

Large and special bronze Burmese Mandalay Buddha

8,500 euro

Very special bronze Burmese Buddha statue

Antique bronze Burmese Shan Buddha

1,800 euro

Special bronze Mandalay Buddha statue

7,500 euro

16th century Burmese Buddha

4,750 euro

Antique Burmese Ava Buddha statue

7,450 euro

Antique Shan Buddha statue

3,450 euro

Very special bronze Burmese Buddha statue

47,500 euro

Special antique bronze Shan Buddha statue

7,500 euro

Special large antique marble Buddha head

8,500 euro

Very beautiful antique wooden Mandalay Buddha statue

8,500 euro

Special bronze Thai Ayutthaya Buddha statue

12,500 euro
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