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The collector and author – Peter Vredeveld

How it started

Searching for Buddha statues in Burma

At the age of 19, Peter traveled to Nepal and lived for a year in a small and remote Himalayan mountain village named 'Nangi' in the Annapurna mountains. He fell in love with the rich Asian culture and developed a deep interest in Asian art and lifestyle. He traveled with his backpack through Southeast Asia, and it was in Burma (Myanmar) where the trade in Buddhist art slowly began.

In the following years, Peter returned to Asia numerous times and established a vast network of collectors and traders in Buddhist art. He also made many friends throughout Asia. On one of his trips to Nepal, he met a girl named Sangita, and they got married in 2010, further strengthening his connection to Asia.

In the early years, Peter faced challenges such as shipping issues, unreliable contacts, and a lack of knowledge about the statues. However, he gradually gained extensive experience in sourcing the most exclusive and original Buddha statues. He built a large library filled with many books about Asian art, enabling him to learn about various styles, periods, and countries.

His primary goal has always been to search for unique pieces that others cannot easily find. Therefore, he embarked on long and challenging journeys, sometimes deep into the jungle and remote villages. Peter always maintained a commitment to fair trade and showed respect for religion and culture.

The collection and the gallery

The Buddha statue gallery in a former catholic church

Today, the collection is showcased in a former Catholic church building in the city of Deventer in The Netherlands.

It contains over 5,000 original and antique masterpieces from all around the world.

This impressive collection includes several irreplaceable masterpieces, each with its unique history.

Many of these statues have been published and are sold to collectors and Buddhists worldwide.


The website

Peter built his first website during the early 2000s when the internet was on the rise. All the content pages on the website are unique and written by Peter himself. Nowadays, the website is a state-of-the-art platform that is easy to navigate and provides a wealth of background information about the statues, styles and various Asian countries.

After placing an order, it is being dispatched mostly the same day. Thanks to reliable shipping couriers, worldwide shipping with fast delivery times can be guaranteed.

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