Singing bowls – Antique singing bowls of very high quality, backgroundinformation about all different kinds of singing bowls.

Singing bowls

A singing bowl is an Asian bowl that produces sound. A singing bowl is in most cases made from an alloy of various metals including copper, silver, iron, tin, lead and even gold.

Singing bowls and their origin

Antique Singing Bowls

Most of the singing bowls are originating from Tibetan Buddhist areas (Nepal & Tibet) and from other countries in the Himalayas. Singing bowls are used as sacrificial bowl or musical instrument, but also as a bowl to eat from.
Antique singing bowls from Nepal & Tibet are very rare and are now very difficult to find. Each singing bowl has its own shape, tone and color. Other names for singing bowls are: harmonization bowls, Buddhist Himalayan singing bowls, relaxation ritual singing bowls or Tibetan singing bowls.

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Sound properties of singing bowls

A sound is produced when hitting with a (mainly) wooden stick on the singing bowl. Another method is to make circular movements with a wooden stick over the edge of the singing bowl.

Different kinds of singing bowls

There are different kinds of singing bowls which can be recognized by the shape, origin or the material from which they are made. Some examples are:

  • singing bowls of metal from the Himalaya
  • Japanese singing bowls
  • Ceramic singing bowls
  • Singing bowls of Silica
  • Singing bowls made of gold

When we talk about singing bowls, we tend to consider that there is only one type of singingbowl which is the Jambupati Singing bowl.
But in fact, there are many different kind of singing bowls that are or were manufactured.

Here the 8 most common Singing Bowls :

  • Pedestal-base or Naga singing bowls
  • Manu of Mudra singing bowls
  • Manipuri singing bowls
  • Remuna singing bowls
  • Jambati singing bowls
  • Utabati singing bowls
  • Thadobati singing bowls
  • Lingan singing bowls
Tibetan Singing Bowls

Basic techniques singing bowls

There are several rudiments (basic techniques) in order to produce sound with a singing bowl:

  • With a hammer or wooden stick
  • With a circle rub stick
  • With water in the singing bowl
  • To rub with the fingers on the edge

Our collection singing bowls

Because of the many travels in the Himalaya mountain areas (we have lived there for more than a year) we have slowly build a large collection of very special and antique singing bowls. Besides antique singing bowls of museum quality, we also sell newly made singing bowls of very high quality !

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