Casting of bronze Buddha statues - lost-wax-method

The art of bronze casting

Casting bronze Buddha statue

The bronze statues that we sell are mostly old Buddha statues. They are still made the same way as hunderds of years ago, with the old lost-wax-method.

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Every Buddha statue is made by hand and because of that, each statue is different. The production is very primative and takes alot of precise tecniques and skills. It takes months of work to make a single statue.

First a mixture of clay and rise is being made. From this, the global form of the statue is being made.
This is covered with a thin layer of wax in which the details of the Buddha image are carved.
The artist will cover this with another layer of clay.
In the bottom of the mall, the artist will make holes. Then everything is heated in an primative oven, so that the wax will melt out of the figure.
Now, the mall is finished.

Then the bronze is being melted and poored into the mall.
When the statue is cooled down, the clay will be removed. After this the statue will be polished for days, sometimes weeks before it is finished.

Making the was mall of a Buddha statue
Making a mall of mud and clay
Making the wax mall
Making details on a wax mall
A finished mall from a Buddha statue
A large mall of a Buddha statue
Many malls from Buddha statues
The wax is melted in an oven
Melting the wax in an oven
Casting bronze into a Buddha statue mall
Removing the burned mall from the bronze staute
Removing the mall-remains from the bronze Buddha statue
Two bronze monk statues
The carving of the casted mall
The carving of a bronze Buddha statue
The polishing of a bronze Buddha statue

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