Lavastone Buddha statues - Garden stone Buddha statues. Hand carved - high quality !

Original Buddhas

Lavastone statues

Lavastone arises after a volcanic eruption from solidified lava and can be grey, black, brown or red in color. Our Lavastone Buddha statues are made from the best quality lavastone and are imported directly from Indonesia. We can arrange worldwide delivery to your home.


9 statues


Large lavastone Devi Tara statue

1,650 euro

Large lavastone lantern

1,750 euro

Large lavastone lantern

1,250 euro

Large lavastone Lantern

1,250 euro

Large lavastone Happy Buddha statue

3,500 euro

Large Lavastone Buddha statue

3,750 euro

Large lavastone Tara statue

6,500 euro

Old lavastone Buddha statue

3,000 euro

Large lavastone Stupa

14,500 euro
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