Large container with over 500 antique and Original Buddha statues

Purchase of large container with many antique and original Buddha statues

Buying antique Buddha statues

On our last buying-trip in Asia we were able to purchase more than 500 antique and original Buddha statues. Many original antique Burmese Buddhas, but also many masterpieces from Thailand and Laos. In addition, we have also bought a number of altars, temples and other Buddhist art.

See here the entire collection

The shipment will arrive in the first week of April, shortly after that the first images will be shown on the website.

Look here for a short impression :

Antique standing Mandalay Buddha
Antique Buddha on throne
Antique bronze Mandalay Buddha
Group of home shrines
Antique marble Buddha statues
Transport Buddha statues
Original antique wooden shrines
Antique marble Buddha statue
Antique Thorani statue
Purchase antique Buddha statues
Antique wooden Chin poles
Group of antique and original Buddha statues
Buy antique Buddha statues
Very special antique Burmese Buddha
Antique bronze Shan Buddha
Antique wooden temple fragments
Packing Buddha statues
Buddha statues in wooden crates
Loading container with antique Buddha statues
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