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Celebrating Nepali New Year 2080 and rich cultural heritage of Nepal

As Nepali New Year 2080 dawns, we are proud to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Nepal. We source most of our statues from skilled artisans in Nepal and recognize the importance of this special day and its significance to the Nepali people around the world.

Nepal, a country of great cultural and historical importance, boasts a diverse and vibrant community that has thrived for centuries. The Nepali New Year, also known as "Vikram Sambat," is a time of joy and celebration that marks the beginning of a new year in the traditional Nepali calendar. The holiday is celebrated with colorful parades, traditional dances, and feasts of delicious food.

Collection of beautiful Buddha statues

Nepali new year 2080

We take great pride in its partnership with Nepali artisans and the high-quality Buddha statues and artworks that they create. We work directly with these artisans to ensure that each statue is of the highest quality, and that the traditional techniques used to create them are preserved and passed down to future generations.

As we begin Nepali New Year 2080, we invite customers to browse its extensive collection of Buddhist statues and artworks, all of which are carefully crafted by skilled Nepali artisans. Whether customers are looking for a traditional Buddha statue or a unique work of art that embodies the rich cultural heritage of Nepal, we have something to offer.

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