Buying lavastone Buddha statues in Indonesia - stone buddhas

Buy lavastone Buddha statues in Indonesia

During our purchase trip to the island Java in Indonesia, we have bought a large number of beautiful lavastone Buddha statues. We found a few very large Buddha statues and also some very nice lavastone lanterns for in the garden. We have selected the Buddha statues of the best quality.

The shipment contains 3 full containers and is expected to arrive mid September 2017.

See here a photo impression:

Large lavastone Buddha statue
A visit to the Burubudur temple
Packing and crating Buddha statues
Very large lavastone Buddha statue
Large lavastone Burubudur stupa
100 cm high lavastone Buddha head
Large Lavastone Statue
Very large standing Tara statue
Large Tara statue made of lavastone
Crating lavastone Buddha statues
Large lavastone Buddha statue
Antique pair of Chinese temple lions - 150 cm high
Newly made lavastone Buddha statue

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