Omnipotent of Buddha Eyes

Omnipotent Eyes of Buddha

Omnipotent Eyes of Buddha

Every Buddhist Stupa and monasteries all over world have various important features and eyes of Buddha are believed to one of the important features of Buddha stupa

Omnipotent Eyes of Buddha

Every Buddhist Stupa and monasteries all over world have various important features and eyes of Buddha are believed to one of the important features of Buddha stupa and are quite important in Buddhist tradition. These eyes are the representation of Lord Buddha's omnipotent powers of seeing all that can be in the past, present as well as in futures. Eyes of Buddha also symbolize important part of Enlightenment. After attaining Nirvana in Bodh Gaya, Lord Buddha sees all the sentient beings in all realms i.e. human realm, god realm, hell realm, etc.

Lord Buddha teachings especially focus on his knowledge, insight and wisdom that Lord Buddhaattained after entering in Nirvana. As a fact, Eyes of Buddha also symbolizes the eyes of Wisdom i.e. Wisdom Eyes. These eyes of Wisdom represents the omnipotent powers of all seeing and looking out in all four directions as well as in various flow of times.


Representation of Eyes of Buddha

Buddha eyes

In Buddhist tradition, eyes of Buddha are depicted and beautifully portrayed in Buddhist stupa. In most of stupa, these eyes are depicted in all four directions to show all seeing omnipotent ability of Lord Buddha. Most of the Buddha statues as well as Buddha images are also depicted with Wisdom eyes though the art of these eyes may differ according to the Buddhist tradition in various countries. There are various depiction of Buddha eyes. It is also said there are two types of Buddha eyes i.e. Inner and Outer eyes. Material eyes are called outer eyes which are believed to be the eyes of wisdom and that sees the outside world that can be seen with material eyes and the inner eyes that sees the world of Dhamma. This inner eye is considered as the Third eye of the Buddha as well as Urna.

Between the two outer eyes of Wisdom, a curly symbol is depicted symbolizing the nose which looks like question mark. These curly symbol symbolizes the unity of all things existed in the world as well as the only path to enlightenment though the teachings of Lord Buddha. These depictions can mostly be found in the Buddha stupa such as Swayambhunath StupaBoudhanath Stupa.

Meaning of Eyes of Buddha

In Buddhism, it is believed that every sentient beings can attain eyes of Wisdom and can see what lies beyond material world. But even though people feel despair in this muddled world, and also distracted and deluded by greed, ignorance, hatred, and lead to the darkness of the life. Only light of wisdom can lead these people out of darkness. And lord Buddha eyes of Wisdom bring the light in the dark times and lead the people to the path to enlightenment.

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