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YouTube doesn’t need any introduction to any of us. With millions of channels and billions of users across the globe, YouTube has been the place to be on internet if you want to watch or post your videos. Among these channels, Antique Buddha statues has been a unique channel showcasing various unique and artistic Buddha statues and Buddha.

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This particular channel in YouTube, was started out as a promotional channel by Peter Vredeveld, who has been running his business of buying and selling of antique Buddha statues, to showcase most of the collection of these antique pieces of history in his gallery. “We started the channel with an idea of making the channel as a hub for the collectors to get these antique and unique artifacts from the past.” – says Peter.

According to him, all the artifacts, mostly Buddhist arts, are directly imported from Burma and other Southeast Asian and South Asian nations after visiting them every six months. He claims to have built a special relation with most of the Buddhist art dealers, monasteries and personal collectors in these nations after the frequent visits, making the Buddha images in his gallery completely authentic. His gallery does not have any policy of dealing with any stolen items. The physical gallery boasts hundreds of Buddha statues and a garden specially designed for decorating these historical images.

Alongside showcasing antique Buddha statues, the channels also features plenty of informational videos regarding Burma and history of the Southeast Asian nation. Likewise, there are videos which shows creation and restoration of Buddha statues made of different raw materials from scratch. The videos on the channel are not only used for promotional purposes but also for various informational purposes, giving the viewers insights on Buddhist arts and subjects related to Buddhist art.

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