Photo impression of purchasing Buddha statues in Burma in 2014

Purchasing Buddha statues in Burma December 2014

In November and December 2014 we have travelled to Burma to search for nice antiques. We have found alot of beautiful and original Buddha statues, as well as a few very special museum pieces. Below a photo impression:

Buy Buddha statue
18th century Buddha statue
Antique wooden monk
Bronze Ava Buddha Statue
Bronze Mandalay Buddha
Buying Antiques
Buy offering vessels
buying throne panel
Lacquer Buddha
large bagan buddha
Large Buddha Shrine
large kinnari kinnara
Late Bagan Buddha statue
mandalay period buddha
Marble buddha
Marble Shan Buddha
Offering Vessels in Boat
Packing Buddhas
Packing Buddha statues
Praying Monk
Purchasing antiques
Purchasing Buddha statues
wooden bagan panel

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