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Kushinagar - India A holy Buddhist site

Kushinagar is one of the four most important Buddhist pilgrims in the world. The other three are Lumbini, Bodhgaya, and Sarnath. These pilgrimages are the four most important pilgrimages in the whole world because each pilgrimage holds large importance during the life of Lord Buddha . Like, Lumbini is famous since Lord Buddha was born thus being the important Buddhist Pilgrimage. Bodhgaya is the place where Buddhism really started since Lord Buddha attained “Enlightenment”. Kushinagar is the place where Buddhists believe that Lord Buddha attained his Parinirvana after his death. And Sarnath is famous as the place where Lord Buddha started his first teachings.

Kushinagar, also known as Kushinara in Urdu is a town in Kushinagar District of Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. In Kushinagar district, Kushinagar is also a Nagar Panchayat. This is the place that Lord Buddha chose to die, making it one of the important Buddhist pilgrimage.

Now the Blessed One advised the bhikkhus – Well now, bhikkhus, my counsel is: experience is disappointing, through vigilance you succeed. These are the last words for the Tathagata”- Lord Buddha

This is the last teachings shared by Lord Buddha among large group of disciples.

It is believed that among various reasons, there were three reasons for Lord Buddha to choose this place for his Parinirvana. They are:

  • Kushinagar is the proper venue to preach his Maha-Sudassana Sutta.
  • It is also said that Subhada would visit him during his sermon in Kushinagar and develop his meditation and would become Lord Buddha arrahant.
  • Since the Brahman Doha would be there during his death and solve the problem of distribution of Lord Buddha relics.


Kushinagar has long and ancient history long before the era of Lord Buddha. During ancient times, Kushinagar is also known as Kushavati and Jatakas. Kushinagar also has Hindu influence during ancient times. In the famous Hindu scriptures, Ramayan, Kushinar is mentioned as the city of Kusha (the son of Ram, the king of Ayodhya).

During the era of Lord Buddha, Kushinagar was believed to be the capital of Mallas Kingdom. The Mallas of Kushinara or Kushinagar were great admirers of the Lord Buddha. According to some tradition, it is said one of the eight Buddha relics were believed to be deposited in a cairn in Kushinagar and they were greatly respected and honoured by Mallas of Kushinara.

Parinirvana Temple


Besides being the place of Lord Buddha attaining parinirvana, Kushinagar is also famous for Parinirvana Temple. The Parinirvana Temple is made of bricks and is surrounded by dense forest. We can also find Parinirvana stupa along with Parinirvana Temple.

As we know Kushinagar is the place where Lord Buddha decide to provide his last preaching and of course his death . It is said that the cause of Lord Buddha death was falling ill from eating a meal of unknown mushroom species.

Since being one of the four most important pilgrimages authorized by Lord Buddha himself, Kushinagar is the one of the most sacred place for Buddhist supporter and followers. It has quite influenced in the tourism sector since this place is such an important figure in Buddhism.

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