Angkor Wat - World largest religious monument in Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia
The worlds largest religious monument lies in Cambodia : Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is the world largest religious monument in Cambodia which was built during the period of King Suryavarman II in the half of a 12th century. The Angkor was the capital of Khmer Empire. The beauty and essence of this state conservation is unparalleled. The Angkor temple complex was first Hindu and later becomes the Buddhist monasteries after the country was completely influenced by Buddhism . The temple has the significant value since its establishment and holds a symbol of Cambodia represented in a national flag. The Angkor Wat is the masterpiece of Khmer architecture. According to Hindu mythology, the temple was built to represent the home of Devas . Angkor Wat was initially dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is said that the temple took 30 years of construction time. The sculpture is a phenomenal composition of perfection, proportion and balance, making it the finest structure in the world. Wat is referred as temple in Khmer which is added to Angkor. Later, when it became the Theravada Buddhist monument likely in 16th century was then protected by Buddhist monks . Angkor Wat is also known as the funeral monument of Suryavarman II facing towards West to symbolize the setting sun and death. The temple is a fascinating place for a visitor which is 5.5 kilometers north from the modern town Siem Reap.

Mythological facts for Angkor Wat Construction


According to legends, Angkor Wat was constructed as order by Lord Indra to act as a palace for his son Precha Ket Mealea. The foundation is dedicated to God Vishnu as a Kings state temple and capital city which establishment was ended shortly after the death of King leaving the bas-relief decoration incomplete. The actual original name of this temple is unknown. However, it is believed to be Varah Vishnu Lok.

About Tower and Hidden Paintings

Angkor Wat Temple

The temple covers an area of about 5 km surrounded by a 200m moat. This moat is 4m deep which has stabilized the huge castle foundation preventing the groundwater to rise high and low. The main entrance of this temple is to the west guarded by lions marking the way. The heart of the temple is the central tower which is seen from the staircase while entering where the statue of Vishnu resides at top. From the recent discovery, hidden painting of the temple has been found in the central tower. One chamber in the tower shows the Khmer musical bands known as pinpeat made from gongs, xylophones, and other musical instruments. In the same chamber, it demonstrates people riding horses between two structures which might be the temple. These two pictures are the recent paintings being discovered among the 200 others.

Angkor Wat is among the UNESCO world heritage listed sites recognizing the sites cultural, religious and historical aspects. The Khmer architecture is the pilgrimage sites for all the Southeast Asian. One of the striking features of this massive structure is that you can hear the resonance of echoes while walking down to the end of the gallery. The Angkor Wat has many different historical artifacts demonstrating the war between the deities and demons. If you are a travel enthusiast then knowing about the hidden history of the temple is captivating.

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