7 best ideas to decorate your room with Buddha statues, arts and crafts.

7 unique ways to decorate your place with Buddhist arts

decoration of a room with buddha statue

If we look at the history, the purpose to create and showcase Buddhist art was to spread Buddhism and the teachings of Buddha. As time passed by, the Buddha and his teachings were not limited to the Buddhist only. He was venerated by other religious group as well. That's why, we can observe the Buddha being mentioned in their sacred books. Other than religiously groups, the atheistic took him as a source of inspiration and an icon of peace and harmony. They particularly follow Buddhism in terms of ethics and cultivation of mind. Therefore, viewing Buddhist art and Buddha statues were different for these group of people. They view the Buddhist arts and statues as an icon of peace and harmony and also to spread positivity in the surrounding environment.

As for Buddhists, the Buddha statues were mainly housed in their prayer room while for others, they housed the statues in other rooms as well. Even though some of the people find it wrong but they believe by placing the Buddhist arts and statues, with due respect, they may get the benefits from these icons. That's why, people began to decorate their homes with Buddhist arts, mainly with Thangka Painting, Mandala Painting, murals, acrylic painting, oil painting, etc.

Let's observe seven unique ways to decorate the places with the help of Buddhist arts and hidden benefits as well.

1. Buddha Statues in the living room

We can put the Buddha statue on the drawer or closet, in front of the entrance of the room. It is the best idea to accompany the statue with indoor plants on a flowerpot and singing bowls. This arrangement helps to generate a feeling of positivity and calmness.

2. Large sized Buddhist murals in the living room

Interior designers suggest that murals at the rear side of the couch or sofa are the best place to paint. Another option for the mural painting is left-side of the couch and sofa. This position of the mural helps in proper and effective communication.

3. Mandala painting in the Bedroom

The best place to put the mandala painting is on the sides of the bed. It is also great idea to hang at the back side of the bed. This arrangement helps to renew the positivity in our body.

4. Buddha statue in the Kitchen

According to Vastu and Feng shuinorth eastern side of the room is the best place to showcase. This place helps to provide spiritual and cosmic energy which enhances the well-being. Alternatively, we can use the place where everybody can see while they are sitting together to have meals or lunch.

5. Acrylic and an oil painting of Buddha along the corridor.

Normally, people focus more on the living room and bed rooms and they tend to forget to decorate the corridors. But if the people decorate the corridors with Buddha paintings along with the lighting, it can bring whole new feelings. It can also energize the place with positive vibrations.

6. Thangka painting in the prayer rooms

People decorate their prayer room with different icons, from pictures to the statue, which portray religious beliefs. But if included Thangka Painting, it makes us realize about the nature of life and the whole universe, visually. There is no specific place to hang Thangka painting in the room. It depends upon the house owner's comfortableness.

7. Buddha statue in the study room

The best place is on the study table itself if the table is near the wall. Another best option is above the drawer or closet which is in front of the study table. It is believed that the presence of Buddha icon in the study room will make the environment calm. It also helps to reduce the level of anxiety of the person.

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